PageFlip’s new Firefly pedal – coming soon!

First: yes, I’ve posted again.  Hopefully this will be the swift kick I need as a busy semester begins to wind down.  I’ve had a great experience this semester, and would love to share some of what we’ve done in Music Tech classes here.  More on that later.  To the point….

PageFlip’s George Wolberg has informed me of their Kickstarter campaign for their new product – the PageFlip Firefly.  With the attention that my PageFlip vs. AirTurn post has garnered, I think it’s appropriate to keep that train of thought going on this blog.

The key points of this new pedal are supposedly thus:

  • Programmable “Mode” buttons
  • Illuminated pedals
  • Longer 30-minute timeout period
  • Optional wired connectivity in addition to wireless Bluetooth
  • Brand new design that’s “rugged, hefty, ergonomic, and silent” – emphasis here is probably on “silent”

I am hoping that I will be able to get one for review at some point, and if I do, I’ll definitely reopen the PageFlip vs. AirTurn debate.

Here’s the message straight from PageFlip:


We have exciting news at PageFlip!

We have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for our next-generation page turner pedal: the PageFlip Firefly. The Firefly promises to be the most advanced page turner pedal on the market. It features five programmable mode buttons, illuminated pedals, a long 30-minute timeout period, wireless OR wired connectivity, and a new design that is rugged, hefty, ergonomic, and silent.

Please visit our Kickstarter page to see a demo. You can find us on by searching for PageFlip, or go directly to:

Our Kickstarter campaign lets you place an advance order to get the new Firefly pedal within three months at a 33% savings! In addition, if you order a PageFlip Cicada on our Kickstarter page, you can save $15 and get the pedal within a month — just in time for the holiday season.

Please visit us at (search for PageFlip) and help spread the word. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or comments.

— The PageFlip Team

I am personally excited for some of these features – the programmable Mode buttons and the silent operation in particular.  Only a couple of weeks left – and over halfway to go at this point.  Let’s make this happen!

4 comments on “PageFlip’s new Firefly pedal – coming soon!

    • mslibera Post author


      Not yet, myself. I’ve been a bit tight on time (and cash) at the moment, but hope to be able to get my hands on one soon.

      Let me know if you try one out!
      — Matt

  1. Daniel L.

    I just received my Firefly, and after a few hours of playing with it, I really love it! I had an Airturn, but it was unfortunately stolen along with my tablet. I was never super happy with the Airturn mostly because the sensation of depressing the pedal was never satisfying to me. I decided to give the Firefly a try, and my initial impression is that the Firefly is significantly better than the Airturn. Would love to hear with Matt and others think when they have the chance to try the Firefly.

    • mslibera Post author


      Awesome! Thanks for the feedback. Will keep you all posted if / when I get a chance to use one myself.

      — Matt


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